LARM Studenter 2016-01-29 16:34

Late Night with LARM!

For the fifth year annually, we are proud to present Late Night with LARM! This year representatives from SAAB, Ericsson and ÅF will be present. Through the talkshow you will get to know more about the companies and the people who work there. Of course, the company representatives will stay for mingel and to answer your questions. We serve finger food and a bar is at your disposal. After the talkshow there will be live music on stage. For students who live in Norrköping transport will be arranged back from the evening events. The doors will open at 5:30 PM and the talk show starts at 6:00 PM. Sign up before February 1!

Sign up here.

LARM Studenter 2016-01-26 17:17

Catalog of LARM2016 available now!

The catalog of LARM Career Fairs 160 exhibitors is now available. Browse by industry, education or what positions they have to offer. We hope you find what you are looking for on February 9!  You can find the catalog here.


LARM Studenter 2016-01-18 13:09

pre-LARM begins now!

pre-LARM is two weeks full of inspiration. You will find a broad variety of events to apply, and get many chances to meet representatives from some of our exhibiting companies.

Food will be served at every lunch lecture as well as on LARM-Talks and Late night with LARM. For students who live in Norrköping transport will be arranged back from the evening events. Find more informations about the different events and sign up on http://www.larmdagarna.se/pre-larm/


LARM Studenter 2016-01-17 12:43

Individual Meeting application is now open!

Individual Meeting application is now open!  An Individual Meeting is an opportunity for students and companies to meet one-on-one. It gives you the possibility to learn more about the company and their internships, trainee positions, master thesises, and job openings. The company representative also gets a chance to get to know you and maybe even recruit you as a new colleague of theirs. After the application deadline  the companies will hand-pick the students they want to meet. When the companies have made their selection, we will inform you if and when your Individual Meeting will take place.

The Individual Meetings will be held on the day of the LARM fair, February 9. All Individual Meetings will be held in A-huset and the check-in desk will be located by Ledsna Flickan.

Application deadline January 24th 23:59 

Application can be found here.

LARM Studenter 2015-11-22 23:14

LARM2016 Host recruitment open!

The time has come for us to start the recruitment of hosts to LARM2016. Finally! There are many different posts you can apply for. Take a closer look at what fits you the most and have the chance to be a part of the 35th edition of LARM!

You will find the descriptions of the posts here: http://larmdagarna.se/engagera-dig/vaerdposter/

 Descriptions are available both in Swedish and English.

You can apply here: https://podio.com/webforms/6005880/468081

LARM Studenter 2015-11-03 15:29

Nu är vi en fulltalig projektgrupp!

Varmt välkomna alla Koordinatorer som tillsammans med Kommittén kommer att skapa LARM2016.

Näringsliv Mässa Kommunikation
Azur Jasarevic Alexander Brohmé Erik Olausson
Koordinator Spons & Samarbete
Koordinator Logistik Koordinator App
Josefin Eriksson Andreas Dietmann Eskil Jörgensen
Koordinator Kontaktsamtal Mattias Andreasson Tobias Hultqvist

Kristine Lindberg Koordinator Webb
Erik Pettersson Koordinator Mässa 
Johanna Ståhle

Philip Salqvist
Gustaf Olofsson Fabian Franzén Bianke Swart
Koordinator Företag
Cecilia Shadman Koordinator Kreatör

Koordinator Spons & Lounge
Petra Sundfeldt 
Matilda Sandå
Joar Manhed Matilda Nylund
Koordinator Marknadsföring
Johanna Näslund Lisa Wedlund
Koordinator Event Koordinator Information & Copywrite
Johan Rignér

Koordinator Bankett & Kick-off


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